How to send money online from the US

Wire transfers are now easy to make and take minutes


In order to create an account you'll need a valid mobile number, your full name, and address. For security reasons, we'll need to verify your phone number on your first transfer.


The send money service is available from 36 US states and will continue to develop across the USA.

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You can currently pay with any major debit card. More payment options will be added soon.


You can send money to bank accounts or debit cards in certain countries. Also, you can send a money transfer to thousands of pick up locations in several countries. Choose a destination from the list below.

Great value for your money

Get competitive exchange rates and fair prices on your money transfer.

You’re safe with us

Your security is our top priority and we guarantee that on every transaction. Our 10 year expertise in online payments proves that.

It’s all about you 24/7

Our Customer Service team is available every day and night for your satisfaction. Plus, your online account gives you 100% transparency.

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